Cute Cartoon Kitty Cat Sticky Note Stationery Stickers


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  • Material: Paper. Perfect for marking book pages, using as reminders, in arts & crafts, and more. Also a good choice for hand making, bookmarking and decorating, etc. You can use these cute cat sticky notes as bookmarks, stickers and index tab. You can also write on them and use them as memo flags. When you use them as bookmarks; they are easy to put on and remove without damaging the pages
  • Easy to stick and remove, no adhesive residue, do not mark or tear the pages when you remove them. can be used repeatedly.
  • Cute cartoon animal pattern design, practical and decorative. Adorable animals will motivate you, it’s a great way to add some fun and color to your workday. Stick them on the plan book, you’re able to quickly get to the page.


  • Type: Sticky Note
  • Material: High quality paper
  • Size: 12.5x5cm Inner page 30 pages x 8 rows


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