Nordic Style Wrought Iron Wall Shelf Decoration Metal Wall Storage Rack


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Ingenious design: Our storage rack adopts a one-piece design with one large and one small, which is not only a storage rack but also can be used for wall decoration, making smart use of space.
Add Color to Your Room: These round shelves are perfect for decorating any room and displaying your small keepsakes. Its geometric shape is pleasing to the eye, giving a warm feeling and making your living room more comfortable.
Fashion Design: The geometric shape is pleasing to the eye, warm and comfortable, making your space more comfortable. Used alone, they are a very simple function.
Sturdy: Made of high-quality iron art + solid wood, stable and durable. Maximum load is 7 kg. These handcrafted wall shelves can be filled with anything: vases, photos or books.
We strongly recommend attaching the shelf directly to the wall stud for maximum support. Shelves can hold plants, books, photos or home decorations. The construction is designed to make installation quick, stress-free and sturdy.

Material: iron art + solid wood
Size: Small round: 20*9.5cm
Square double layer: 25*25*12cm
Double-layer cabin: 24.5*8*32.5 cm
Siamese hexagon: 24*10*29.5cm

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