Wooden Bookshelf Office Student Stationery Organizer


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Made of high-quality alpine bamboo, no burrs, the laminate is made of density board, the board is thickened and widened, the load-bearing capacity is stronger, and it is more durable.
Reasonable layering. In the daily application process, the storage function is greatly enhanced, and the placement is more convenient and practical.
The rounded corners and corners are finely polished to prevent bumps and injuries. The hanging ear design is convenient for storing small objects or hanging potted plants, making full use of the space for storage.
The side rails are designed with large intervals. When placing potted plants, it will not affect the body length. When placing books and other materials, it is convenient to find.

Material: Wooden
Size: 40x10cm ( 2 tiers)
Color: natural
Quantity: 1Pcs

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